Membership Upgrade

Congratulations! You have taken your membership to the next level!!

Just follow the below steps to apply for memberhsip upgrade:

Membership Upgrade Criteria

Your current FHRI membership can be upgraded to the next category depending on your qualification, experience and your participation in FHRI events and activities. Your participation in FHRI activities earns you points as per below:
  • Talanoa session- 2 points
  •  1 day event  – 5 points
  • 2 days or more event- 10 points
  •  National convention- 10 points
You should  meet minimum of 20 points to be eligible for membership upgrade.

Membership Upgrade Application Form

If you know you meet the criteria of the membership  upgrade, you will need to send in your application with your latest CV and certificates.
Click here to get the form