Membership Benefits

Whether you are a student, a professional or an interested individual, everyone requires continuous improvement, growth and enhancement. Being a member of FHRI is an investment in your professional and personal development.

Here are some benefits to joining FHRI:
  • Professional Development

The paramount benefit of joining FHRI is that it adds to your professional development. Every organization looks forward to having employees who are always working towards their professional development. FHRI provides trainings, workshops, and talanoa sessions for its members on emerging Human Resources issues and topics. These activities are organized for HR practitioners to deliver their service more efficiently.


  • Networking

Another prime benefit of joining FHRI is that it provides a great platform for networking and professional relationship building. During the Annual National Conference and trainings, you will get to meet with other HR professionals and get to know about their organization and share the HR challenges and solutions.


  • Online Forum

FHRI has recently launched Online Forum for its members only. In this forum, FHRI members can contribute their ideas and share experiences on HR topics posted by FHRI Admin. The online forum also provides an opportunity for FHRI members to seek assistance from their fellow members on issues which they find challenging at work.


FHRI is also affiliated with the Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI). AHRI has around 20,000 members from Australia and around the world. AHRI provides exotic benefits to its members from being on par with latest HR techniques to networking with HR practitioners around the globe. With its affiliation with FHRI, FHRI members can join AHRI at a much cheaper fee than joining AHRI directly.