About Us

Dear Readers,

Like other professional institutions in Fiji, the inception of the FHRI was not by chance, but rather a well thought out initiative by a group of HR professionals with a common vision to develop our nation’s most valuable asset, its people.

The official launching of the FHRI was held on the 25th day of August, 2005 at the Raffles Hotel, Lami by his Excellency, the Vice President of the Republic of the Fiji Islands, Ratu Jone Madraiwiwi. The auspicious occasion not only marked a new chapter for HR professional in Fiji but saw the dawn of a journey towards nurturing and developing our people to achieving their full potential.

It is often said that a nation is reflected by its people and its leaders. As such, it is critical to develop our people and leaders in this regards as we forge towards this ever changing global economy. We are part of the global village, therefore, the challenge would be having right people with strong leadership skills to lead us as a nation in order sustain our competitiveness in the market.

The FHRI is here to stay and the best way forward would be to work as a team and get involved in the development of our nation’s most treasured resources, our people. Membership is open to any individual who has an interest in his/her personal and professional development in the field of human resources. The FHRI not only provides you the opportunity to interact with other HR practitioners, it enables you to communicate better with others who share a common interest.

As a responsible corporate citizen, the FHRI also extends its invitation to students wishing to be part of this dynamic institution. HR is a challenging field and is an ideal choice for those wishing to advance their career in human resources management.

In closing, we acknowledge the generous assistance and support of the Australia Human Resources Institute (AHRI). We also owe gratitude of appreciation to those who have assisted the FHRI since its inception. To identify individual would be a lengthy process taking with it the risk of inadvertently omitting deserving individuals.

Should you decide to join the FHRI, you are more than welcome to do so.