FHRI’s vision is to be a national leader in promoting Human Resources development in increasing the level of performance and productivity.



To provide leadership to individuals, organizations government and country and promote excellence in the field of human resources.


To be able to achieve our strategic intent, FHRI will achieve results in the following areas:-

  • Leadership

FHRI will provide a lead role in efforts to improve human resources throughout the country.

  • Information

FHRI will be the key source of information on human resources workplace learning and performance management through newsletters, journals and other media. It will be a center of national and international information exchange.

  • Networking

FHRI will form networks of diverse individuals and organization to enhance human resources evaluations. Special interest groups within the human resources management field will be established to facilitate networking on issues of specific interest.

  • Professional Development

FHRI will provide opportunities for continuous learning and professional development for itself as an organization and for its members.

  • Research

FHRI will undertake research and disseminate its findings to achieve effective human resources practices throughout the country.