BSP Reaffirms its Sponsorship of the Fiji Human Resources Institute

THE BSP Group, comprising of the bank, BSP Life and BSP Finance, reaffirmed their sponsorship to the Fiji Human Resources Institute today in Suva.
Officiating at the presentation, BSP’s Fiji Country Manager, Kevin McCarthy, reaffirmed BSP’s  sponsorship of $110, 000 which was announced last year.
BSP is committed to release $80,000 to cover this year and the final year of sponsorship in 2017.
“This sponsorship recognizes the importance of the work the Fiji Human Resources does in the continuing education and upskilling programs for HR practitioners in Fiji and its desire to see HR best practices rolled out in Fiji companies and institutions,” Mr McCarthy said.
“We believe that people are the most important assets in any organization. Even with the best ICT systems and Processes, we still need people to manage and redevelop them according to best practices and to produce successful outcomes.”Mr McCarthy reiterated. “The sponsorship is about the need to keep developing people to be more competent in what they do. We believe the development of people is directly linked to the overall growth of an organization and indeed the Fiji economy.”
Mr McCarthy added, “This is a reflection of the role the Institute plays in promoting good personal financial management through HR practitioners and promotion of health and wellness of their staff. The Institute plays a huge role in promoting these activities and we are happy to support this as a financial solutions provider.
“I am therefore delighted to announce this year’s convention as “Human Capital: Profitable Investment and we look forward to some interactive and engaging sessions at the November convention”
President of FHRI, Mr Balbeer Singh confirmed that, “BSP’s $110,000 sponsorship is the largest they’ve ever received from any corporate organisation. We are truly grateful to BSP for assisting the Institute.
Mr Singh added, “This sponsorship will enable us to strive for greater heights with our programs and the FHRI was committed to working with BSP to run more and better programs for developing human resources in the country over this last two years.
The FHRI, established on 25 August, 2005, has the role to improve human resources management throughout the country.