Whether you are a student, a professional or an interested individual, everyone requires continuous improvement, growth and enhancement. Being a member of FHRI is an investment in your professional and personal development.




Establishing the Strategic Direction for HR, Managing a Division/Region or group of HR Specialists
Fee: $200


Managing a group of HR specialists Managing a
specialized role or General advising.
Fee: $150


Managing self.
Fee: $100


Managing self – interest.
Fee: $80


Freshman with no work experience.
Fee: $80


Tertiary Student pursuing studies in HR or Management.
Fee: $50

Members Benefits

Professional Development

FHRI provides trainings, workshops, and talanoa sessions for its members on emerging Human Resources issues and topics. These activities are organized for HR practitioners to deliver their service more efficiently


FHRI is a great platform for networking and professional relationship building. You will get to meet with other HR professionals and get to know about their organization and share the HR challenges and solutions.

Online Forum

FHRI’s Online Forum allows members to contribute their ideas and share experiences on HR topics. This members to seek assistance from their fellow members on issues which they find challenging at work.

Australian Human Resources Institute

FHRI’s affiliation with the Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI). opens members to be on par with latest HR techniques to networking with global HR practitioners. Also available: discounted joining fee to AHRI

How to Join FHRI

Choose A Membership Category

Fiji Human Resources Institute has various membership categories. Each category has different work experience and academic qualification requirements.

View Membership Categories

Apply for Membership

Once you have identified your membership category, you will have to send in the Membership Application Form with your latest CV and academic results.

Download Membership Form

Membership Confirmation

Your application will be sent to the FHRI Executive Committee for assessment.

The Executive Committee will consider each application on its merits, taking into account all the applicant’s qualifications, experience and responsibilities, and if satisfied that the applicant is eligible for membership will appoint the applicant to that category of membership for which he/she is best qualified.

The applicant will be advised by the FHRI secretariat of the membership category and the procedure for paying the membership fees.

The date of admission of a member will be the date of approval by the Executive Committee. However, his or her name will not be added to the Register until he/she has paid his / her joining fee and his /her first annual subscription.