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Whether you’re a trailblazing HR professional pioneering new frontiers or integral members of organisations driving innovation in people management! We extend a cordial invitation to you to apply for the FHRI 2024 Awards. This prestigious accolade recognises outstanding individuals and entities.

Join us as we pay tribute to those shaping the future of human resources in Fiji, and let’s unite in celebrating their remarkable contributions to our field.

Awards For

Individual Categories

Human Resource Emerging Leader

Determined and focused as high achiever in exhibiting potential leadership with an ability to see three (3) years ahead

Human Resource Practicing Leader

Inspiring and motivating his or her Team and taking on ownership over the challenges for a solution

Human Resource Strategic Leader

Driving organizational goals to achieve the success through a Team

Human Resource Transformative Leader

Ability to inspire the employees to work innovatively and be more creative at workplace, leading to a more positive work environment

Human Resource Visionary Leader

Driving, leading change and innovation for aligning the workforce with the company’s mission and values, articulating a clear vision that inspires employees to rally behind common goals, resulting in a sustainable organization that lives to its purpose amongst all stakeholders

Awards for

Organizational Categories

Human Resource Talent Development

An organizations systematic process of growing, building, learning and research in positioning Teams to align with the organizations mission

Human Resource Safety and Health at Work

Ensuring that the organization invests in a proactive safety culture and this investment, when done right, will prevent injuries and incidents leading to a safe working place

Diversity, Equality, Equity and Inclusion

Values held by organizations that are working to be supportive of different groups of individuals, including people of different races, ethnicities, religions, abilities, genders, and sexual orientation in order for a more inclusive workplace for a better community and a better Fiji

Human Resources Well-Being & Engagement

Level of enthusiasm, passion and dedication towards work in achieving sustainable results with a high-powered engaged Team while leading the organization collectively in order to make a difference

Human Resources Innovation in Practice

Implementation of new ideas, methods, and technologies to better meet the ever-evolving requirements of the organization and its workforce

Human Resources Environment and Sustainability in Practice (Green, Blue)

Collaborating with Teams to develop comprehensive sustainability policies that align with the organization’s goals and values which is not limited to only encompassing waste reduction, energy conservation, carbon footprint mitigation, sustainable procurement, and more