• Entry Fee: No entry fee is required for participation.
  • Uniformity in Categories: All categories of the FHRI Awards contain identical questions/statements.
  • Project-Based Submission: Submissions for the FHRI Awards are project-based and will focus exclusively on success stories.
  • Project Period: From January 1, 2023, to July 30, 2024.
  • Word Limit: Submissions must not exceed 1,000 words.
  • Online Platform: The FHRI Awards submission system operates online and restricts submissions to 1,000 words only.

Multiple Entries: Participants may submit entries multiple times, selecting the organization and award category for each submission.

Attachment: Applicants can submit one attachment in pdf or video format.

Assessment: The FHRI Awards will strictly follow the Awards Assessment Scoresheet.


  • FHRI has aligned the Assessment Scoresheet with the Awards categories and their corresponding questions/statements, ensuring a concise narrative within the 1,000-word limit. This scoresheet serves as your roadmap for drafting, planning, and collaborating as a team prior to submitting your entry online.


  • FHRI has revamped the previous application and submission methodology for the Awards, eliminating bureaucracy.
  • The FHRI Panelists comprising seasoned Human Resources Practitioners with over 15 years of Strategic HR experience will serve as the ultimate decision-makers for various Awards categories submitted.
  • The FHRI Panelists will utilize the FHRI Awards Assessment Scoresheet as their guiding tool.
  • Panelists will be divided into the three organizational Awards entry categories.
  • Panelists will independently assess submissions online without knowledge of other assessors.
  • Panelists will not request additional information so submissions needs to be clear and concise.
  • The FHRI Secretariat (Operations Manager) will manage the receipt and dispatch of online Moodle to the Panelists.
  • The decisions of the FHRI Panelists will be final and communicated solely to the FHRI Secretariat (Operations Manager).


  • The FHRI Secretariat, represented by the Operations Manager, will formally notify organizations and individuals approximately two months prior to the 13th FHRI Awards Night in 2024. This correspondence will notify recipients of the success of their applications however specific details such as the winner’s name or the award category will be announced on the awards night.
  • On the awards night, the Winners will be invited to share insights from their journey, emphasizing the impact of their work and offering inspiration to others.


  • The FHRI Secretariat, represented by the Operations Manager, is prepared to furnish feedback to your organization derived from the FHRI Awards Assessment Scoresheet, automatically generated by the system. However, the identities of the Panelists will remain anonymous to protect their integrity.
  • Following the 13th FHRI Awards Night in 2024, the FHRI Secretariat will conduct an electronic survey to gather feedback from participants on how the next 14th FHRI Awards Night in 2025 can be improved. This event will coincide with FHRI’s 20th Year Celebration in 2025.


  • FHRI aims to transform the FHRI Awards to mirror the reflect the evolving landscape of Human Resources and the new changes we face daily. These awards will foster competitiveness within the HR community, ultimately fostering sustainable organizations and driving innovation in the economy. Additionally, FHRI Awards will encourage a ‘critical thinking’ approach among participants when crafting their submissions, enriching the HR fraternity with deeper insights and perspectives.
  • First, familiarize yourself with the FHRI Assessment Scoresheet and comprehend the six questions/statements.
    • Next, review both organizational and individual achievements from the period spanning 2023 to mid-year 2024.
    • Draft your submission in a Word document, ensuring to include all tangible, trending, and current information.
    • Revisit the FHRI Assessment Scoresheet and the six questions/statements to ensure alignment.
    • Limit your submission to 1,000 words.
    • Finally, assess the relevance of your draft submission to ascertain if it genuinely reflects the tangible success story of both the organization and the individual.


  • FHRI will utilize the winners of the Awards as ambassadors for promotional activities, leveraging their success stories to inspire others.
  • Feature winners in promotional materials such as social media posts, website, and press releases to highlight their achievements and promote the credibility of the FHRI Awards.
  • Organize events or webinars where winners can share their journey, strategies, and best practices with the broader HR community, attracting attention and interest in FHRI Awards.


  • There will be no re-evaluation of the process.