Fiji HR Institute Awards 2017

Are you a pro HR Practitioner?

Have you been making a difference in taking your organisation's human resources to a remarkable height?

Then, Fiji HR Institute Awards can be your golden opportunity to be recognised for your sedulous efforts in carrying out your role as a HR Practitioner.

The Award recognizes individuals who have been contributing towards the development of Human Resources in their organisations. Human Resources are indispensable assets of an organisation and it is essential to recognize and reward those who have been tirelessly working to look after this indispensable asset.

There are three categories of the Awards:

Award Categories

1. Young HR Practitioner
2. Senior HR Practitioner
3. Organisation Development and Leadership Award 

The nominee has to be nominated by the Chief Executive Officer/ Managing Director of the organisation.

All submissions are to be made with the nomination form by no later than 18th April 2017.

Nomination Forms

1. Nomination form for Young HR Practitioner
2. Nomination form for Senior HR Practitioner
3. Nomination form for Organisation Development and Leadership

Fiji HR Institute Award 2017 Winners